Kawasaki disease with COVID-19 positive children, evaluation of multi-system inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C): A Case Study
Nazrin Tahera* , MQ Hasan , Farzana Nahid , Badrunnessa , NoorJahan , Tahmina Begum , Nurun Naher , Rokyia ,



Nazrin Tahera*




Published on

Jun 19, 2020


Kawasaki disease is a rare Paediatric inflammatory condition that results in swelling throughout the body’s medium sized vessels, including coronary arteries. It also affects skin, mucus membranes and lymph nodes. Early symptoms include fever for 5 days, conjunctivitis, oral mucosal changes, polymorphous rash, peripheral extremity swelling or peeling of skin and cervical lymphadenopathy as the disease progresses gastrointestinal symptoms and joint pain may develop. Even though the relationship of Kawasaki disease to COVID-19 is not yet defined, a new serious COVID-19 cardiovascular presentation emerges in the form of Paediatric multisystem inflammatory syndrome, which includes feature similar to Kawasaki disease. But this COVID positive child having Kawasaki disease presented with more acute respiratory and cardiac failure than usual Kawasaki diseases. Rapid recovery with the use of immune globulin and steroids were observed. Early diagnosis and management appear to lead to favorable outcome using classical therapies. Delaying of proper diagnosis and management can lead to multisystem hyper-inflammatory syndrome or Kawasaki disease shock syndrome.


Kawasaki disease, inflammatory syndrome, COVID -19, lymphadenopathy.



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