Burden of Cardiovascular Diseases in the GCC Countries:-Finding from the Global Burden Diseases Study 1990-2017
Sakina Bouzekouk* ,



Sakina Bouzekouk*




Published on

Sep 09, 2020


Background: The Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD) burden keeps increasing worldwide. GCC countries, especially with the socio-economic development they knew, are not spared from this trend. Nevertheless, an analysis of its time trend profile and its distribution across the entire region GCC is not available in the literature. In this research paper, relying on the reported data from the Global Burden Diseases Study findings between 1990-2017, a detailed analysis of the cardiovascular diseases patterns and their time changing across the GCC region between 1990 and 2017 is presented. Methods: Based on the available data from the Global Burden of Diseases (GBD) Study 2017, prevalence, mortality and disability adjusted Life-years (DALYs) caused by cardiovascular diseases (CVD) were analyzed. The major causes of deaths due to CVD in the GCC region were analyzed and given a special attention. Discrepancies in CVD disease burden among the different GCC countries were analyzed. Results: The overall contribution of CVD in GCC countries was estimated to be around 48016.64 cases (95% UI: 42385.31– 54590.44) of the total deaths in the year 2017 equivalent to 31.92% of the total deaths, while the total DALYs was found to be around 1,457,747.55 (95% UI: 1,259,653.45- 1,687,706.93) in the same year. The change in death percentage and DALY between 1990 and 2017 the percentage were 106% and 138 %, respectively. The death number caused by ischemic heart disease in the GCC showed an increase from 13443.86 (95% UI: 11483.96 -15949.11) in 1990 to 31410.25 (95% UI: 27555.21 - 35928.94) in 2017 corresponding to 57.65 % and 66.78 % of the total CVD deaths. Meanwhile, the number deaths by stroke increased from 7,413.61 (95% UI: 8,584.72 to 6,363.59 ) to 11,280.02 (95% UI: 12,974.16 - 9,830.88) within the same period making a 1.52 times increase approximately. Out of a total of 48016.64 CVD deaths (95% UI: 42385.31-54590.44) registered GCC countries in 2017, 31568.6 (95% UI: 28436.7-35356.77) deaths were registered in Saudi Arabia making it the highest number and the lowest number of deaths was registered in Qatar 917.57 (95% UI: 768.17-1081.73). However, the highest percentage was registered in Saudi Arabia with 91.65 per 100,000 capita followed by Oman (91.01 per 100,000 capita) and the lowest registered percentage was in Qatar with 33.4 per 100,000 capita. Conclusion: The major causes of deaths for CVD diseases in the GCC region were found related to Ischemic heart diseases followed by Stroke which represent together more than 78% of the total CVD deaths for the year 2017. Compared to the global average, the age standardized DALYs rates in the GCC countries were higher. Therefore, a better comprehensive approach is required to prevent and alleviate the burden of CVD in the region.


Cardiovascular disease; burden; GCC region; prevalence, death; age standardized



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